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Anything to do with sore feet, we can help! We have clinics at Lockleys and Kingscote, Kangaroo Island. 

Family of Feet

Total Service By Your Podiatrist

Total service, total care. Our highest priority is to provide the personalised care to achieve the right outcomes. Full treatment is done by your podiatrist, from start to finish.

Need Advice or Help with Your Feet?

It can seem hard to work out what to do when you first realise you need help with your feet. Lockleys Podiatry Clinic makes it easy for you.

Lockleys Podiatry is the first choice for people who need the best quality treatment and advice for their feet: athletes, children with problematic posture or gait, or people with ingrown toenails or with foot or leg injuries. We’re also the best choice for people with diseases such as diabetes that can profoundly influence foot health and mobility, or even perfectly healthy people who simply want better functioning feet for work, sport or life in general.

You don’t need a referral – you can just call and make an appointment and podiatrist David Gilbert’s more than three decades of training and experience will be at your finger tips. Toes, actually. But you know what we’re saying.

What to expect for your first visit:

Your initial consultation is a half-hour session, during which we’ll do a thorough examination of your feet and a biomechanical assessment. There’s a lot to fit into those thirty minutes, so please arrive a few minutes early to fill in the paperwork we need.

Sometimes it’s easy to solve a problem or work out a plan for treatment, but not always. We might need to investigate further, and sometimes we need to trial temporary treatments in order to get enough information to diagnose the condition you have.

You can be sure that we’ll provide the best service, do our best to find the right treatment, and if you need orthotics or other devices, you will receive quality devices that are made with the attention to detail that gives you the greatest chances of correcting your foot problems.

How to prepare for your first visit:

Being well prepared helps us make the most of your time with us, and your preparations might even save you the time and expense of an additional appointment.

We suggest:

  • Come prepared to tell us as much as you can about your problem or the concern we need to address. It always helps if you have a clear description and time frame of your problem and to bring all your relevant information with you.
  • Try to pay attention to what you feel in different parts of your feet and lower legs. Is the pain in the arch, heel or forefoot? Is the pain quite generalised or more specific, for example is it just one toe that hurts? Is the pain under your foot or on top of it? Are you experiencing pain in the shin, calf, ankle or knee?

Don’t underestimate the difference this makes

Some corrections can be built directly into a specific pair of shoes, though usually we create a removable device as this means the same device can be used is many different pairs of shoes.  We may be able to modify your footwear, though this will be determined by the space available within the shoe itself.  Another option is to use Velcro to apply an innersole to your shoes.

The Lockleys Podiatry Difference

Here’s why.

At Lockleys Podiatry, you’ll find an experienced, professional podiatrist who will assess and address your individual needs, not someone who has  a sales target to meet.

The solution to foot problems can be surprisingly simple. Some people will find great improvements to the way their feet feel and function from the first visit, simply by getting the right advice about how to care for their feet. Simple changes to footwear can make a world of difference, or regular maintenance to stop heels cracking, to remove callus and monitor foot health. Or an inexpensive innersole (perhaps with a little modification) might be all that’s required to provide the relief you seek.

In contrast, the solution for some foot problems can be complex and time consuming. Some people may need an orthotic device. Should you need a device, we will ensure you get the very best, personalised care and attention to detail.

And this is where we shine. Attention to detail.

For well over thirty years, podiatrist David Gilbert manufactured all his patients’ orthoses and other requirements himself, in his own orthotic laboratory. Now, we have adopted the latest technology to enhance our service, orthotic devices and outcomes. It’s impossible to overstate just how valuable these decades of experience can be. David truly understands what is needed for orthotics to function correctly, be comfortable and deliver the right outcomes.

So please feel welcome at Lockleys Podiatry Clinic on Henley Beach Road, Lockleys. We also have a clinic on Kangaroo Island, on Telegraph Road, Kingscote.

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